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The next generation Participatory Democratic social community! Connect with your friends with full profiles, reactions, Fan/Interested Clubs and get badges, quests, ranks, credits for collecting local issues and also for solving them. Wait as there’s much more to come! Let us build the constituency together.

Mana Madakasira Community

The Best Way to Connect

With Your Friends in Constituency, Raise issues and solve them together!

We made sure that the website has everything you need to build an incredible online social community just like facebook but with more options, and we also have more upcoming features and updates, so keep an eye out!.

Connect - Friends & Leaders

Use this website just like facebook. Connect with friends, chat and discuss local issues. Create your Leader’s Fan Clubs.

Online Rewards Points

We encourage you to showcase your talent and be rewarded online in the community. Help rebuild Madakasira.

True Karyakartha

Party or Local leaders did not acknowledge your contribution? You feel you are not being given enough importance? Let the people do it!

Main Features

Better than Facebook
but limited to Madakasira!

It’s easy to use if you already use Facebook. Add friends, chat with them. Join interested Clubs for discussion and solve problems with collaboration. Help collect people’s grievances, their needs and what they think the government should provide for them. Collect the village problems and individual problems to form a Constituency wide Manifesto to develop Constituency as a whole.


Volunteer and be recognised. Help and educate people and collect their opinion on Government Schemes and their satisfaction levels or their suggestions for inputs that can be used to rectify errors. Be the local heroes. Demand the government for development. Use the website tools and ask for more if you need more features.

Main Features

Have Fun With the
Reward System!

Using the concept of Achievements, Credits, and Ranks features, we built a True Karyakartha recognition system that rewards with badges, quests, ranks and credits. There’s a verified profile status for Original Party Karyakarthas and independent social workers regardless of party but with great name. For every good deed and participation, we’ll add points and give titles. This is the least we can do from our end to recognise and encourage True Karyakarthas and collect their demands to be represented on an open platform.



Please feel free to talk to us about different ways of recognizing and rewarding people here to help them grow both politically and socially.

Main Features

Connect with People and Leaders in their Fan Clubs -In the Forums!

The website has a discussion forum integration so you can easily create discussion forums with images, sub-forums and topics to share interests with the community!


For example we can create a leader’s fan club and share daily updates. We can collect people’s voices, testimonials and discuss or appreciate their daily activities. This can also be used to discuss any local issues and find a collective solution with everybody’s participation.


Polls/Surveys/Voting system also exists to gather public opinion. For example you can host a poll about which leader you like the most or if people are satisfied with a Government Scheme, etc.

Main Features

Easy to use Site Options
Account Hub!

Once you are logged in. when they click the little cogwheel at the top right corner, you will be able to access all the options and sections of website! In here you will be able to change profile and account info, like avatar and cover, email settings, password, social networks and much more!!


You’ll also find a clubs dedicated section where you’ll be able to manage and create clubs, check and promote members (to for example, moderators and admins) send invitations and manage the private clubs requests!


All of this is free. Free for all Constituents of Madakasira!

Mana Madakasira Community

Why this Website Again?

We built a Transparent, Accountable, Decentralized, Participatory Democratic Portal with a touch of facebook like social community and online reward/recognition system.

Awesome Community

An incredible easy to use community with super full profiles, social links, reward system, votings/Polls and much more!

Recognition System

An incredible recognition system with badges, quests, ranks and credits to earn and unlock!

Friendly Discussion Forums

Easy to navigate and post forums! Create your own discussion to talk with other people!

Easy Settings Hub

A complete author hub with profile settings, info, email preferences, group management and more!

Help Build Madakasira

Help collect people’s and village’s issues to form a Constituency Manifesto. Chose the right Leader that can do it.

No Hatred!

This website is not for any single party or to any instigate fights. This is to unite people beyond parties for development.

Madakasira Community

Asked Questions

We know that some of you may have lots of questions about the community, how it works, and what you can and cannot do, so here’s a recopilation of the most common questions we get asked.

If you have any further questions, just send us an email to

To avoid creation of profiles by other constituents, we have an invite only option. Each constituent will be given an invite or they can ask the Website’s volunteers that will soon be displayed in the website.

Only the Constituents of Madakasira Can create an account. Further interested Government officers can also chose to create that want to help Madakasira.

It is absolutely free. No need to pay anything.

Yes. But they have to be constituents of Madakasira or somebody who wants to help in the development of Madakasira.

Yes. Any logged in user can post and participate in forums and discussion.